Физическая география

Геополитические и геоэкономические проблемы

Attention of the participants

is offered to be concentrated on the following problems:

· correlation of state, economical, ethnic, natural and the other types of frontiers on the territory of Russia and Ukraine;

· change of geopolitical status of Russia and Ukraine, prognoses and scripts of development;

· regionalization of Ukrainian territory (types and features of Ukraine’s regions and their dynamics);

· economical problems of Russia and Ukraine and their influence on the neighbouring countries. Problems of Ukrainian integration into the international economy. EEC and CIS: alternatives or complimentary ways of development?;

· Ukrainian population problems (migrations, demography, language and cultural);

· “New” Ukrainian elite and relations between its different parts;

· actual problems of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

Special attention at the conference will be paid to theoretical and methodological aspects.

The scientific journey “Impact of frontier’s alteration on development of the territories” (25 – 28 of January) is planned in the programme of the conference. Geopolitical and geoeconomical problems of Russia and Ukraine are not unique. Influence of frontier’s alteration on the process of territories development has rather typical character. Participants of the conference are offered a trip to the region of Viborgsky Karelia. Till 1917 this region was the Russian territory; till the Soviet – Finnish war (1939 – 1940) this region was the Finnish territory. During the journey influence of frontier’s alteration will be displayed in details.

Participants of the conference will live in Vyborg. In order to set equivalent idea of influence of frontiers alteration on development of the territory we offer the opportunity to have two days visit to Finnish frontier region. It makes possible to compare various approaches to the development of the territories. Prominent experts from Saint-Petersburg are enlisted for realisation of the scientific part of the trip.

It is supposed to bring out published work of abstracts of the conference on the basis of the conference reports.

You can get further information at the following address: Professor Dmitry Nikolaenko,

Department Geography & Geoecology, Saint-Petersburg State University, (812) 323 40 89

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